Valyrian Network Token (VLNT)

Building the next generation economy

VLNT is the new blockchain project built on top of Solana network. This project aims to build the new digital economy of the future where blockchain and emerging technologies are being utilized in order to solve the physical and virtual world problems, We are committed in making the world a better, safer and progressive place.

Our use cases will be focusing on the following areas:

  • Market supply and demand — combatting price manipulation of physical products/services by building a transparent system where products or assets can be tokenized value chain will be transparent and available to all.
  • Digital identities — normalizing trustless and permissionless interactions in the digital space.
  • Decentralized Gov (DecentGov) — Similar to DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Orgs)
  • Climate change and global warming — incentivize and rewarding people who uses clean and renewable energy.

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Ropsten Contract Address:


VLNT Tokenomics

Total Supply

777,777,777,000,000 tokens

Token pre-sale

10% of the total supply will be available for presell.

VLNT team, Ecosystem and DEx Liquidity

The remaining 60% of the token supply will be alloted to the core team, VLNT's ecosystem and 30% Uniswap/PancakeSWAP and major DEx liquidity.